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Shark cartilage

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gélule de cartilage de requin

Shark cartilage in capsules

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This dietary supplement provides Shark Cartilage which contains chondroitin, glucosamine, phosphorus, collagen and calcium. It is presented in a pill box of 250 capsules for approximately 1 trimester. 3 capsules per day provide 900 mg of shark cartilage including 36 mg of chondroitin.
Shark cartilage contains in particular the calcium necessary to maintain a normal bone structure.

cartilage de requin pour les os 

Shark cartilage prices

Originally from Plantavie, our high quality shark cartilage was originally priced at 94.50 euros a box of 250 capsules. Following a strong demand and the constant renewal of this food supplement, we decided to reduce the price considerably and to market it at 23.20 euros. This very reduced price with the same quality contributes to the fact that more and more people have access to this food supplement and that "word of mouth" works very well.
Shark cartilage contains several elements: calcium, chondroitin, glucosamine and phosphorus.
Shark Cartilage is a source of calcium. Calcium is necessary to maintain normal bones and teeth. It also contributes to normal muscle function.
Chondroitin is present in our bones but also in our skin.
Glucosamine complements its composition with chondroitin.
Collagen is present in our body; not only in our bones and cartilage, but also in tendons and ligaments. It is more commonly known as gelatine, which is extracted from certain animals for the food industry.

Origin of Shark Cartilage

Contrary to some opinions that have been relayed in the media for decades, not all species in the shark family are endangered. Respectful of nature and its balance, we make it a point of honour not to commercialise shark cartilage that is not included in the species protection charter. Plantavie's Shark Cartilage comes from a shark species that is not part of the protected species and whose survival is not threatened. Shark fishing is carried out in compliance with the legislation in force.

Shark cartilage contains two main components (Glucosamine and Chondroitin)
Glucosamine is a polysaccharide that is a key element in the construction of various compounds that are extremely important in cell membranes.

One of the precautions to be taken with shark cartilage is to choose a quality shark cartilage.
Shark cartilage is a dietary supplement that is also loaded with calcium and phosphorus, calcium as mentioned above is necessary for the proper functioning of the human skeleton.

According to our sources, Plantavie's shark cartilage is encapsulated in a certified and authorised laboratory, then it is carefully freeze-dried to guarantee an irreproachable purity. Our packaging complies with international standards and is processed according to HACCP methods.

Each box contains an expiry date large enough to guarantee the user a great freshness.
Cartilage is a connective tissue in the body that has a strong and flexible matrix of collagen, protein and sugar.
Cartilage is present in the nose and ears, as well as in joints such as the knees, hips, shoulders and fingers.

This wonderful dietary supplement, shark cartilage as the name suggests, is still a dietary supplement and cannot replace a diet on its own, moderate exercise and a balanced lifestyle can be considered as well.

Plantavie's shark cartilage powder is carefully tested and does not contain any solvents, bleaching agents or chemical treatment agents. The sharks that are caught are also used for food purposes and are not from illegal fishing.

Something that distinguishes sharks from other aquatic and terrestrial organisms is that they do not have a single bone, they are fish with a structure made up of pure cartilage.

The skeletal system of other living beings has microscopic channels that lead to nerve fibres and blood vessels, the cartilage of sharks has no such channels. Sharks are living organisms that have an outstanding immune system.

Sharks are "organisms" that have a highly developed immune system. Their wounds heal quickly and without infection because antibodies in the blood fight bacterial and viral infections very effectively, protecting them from many chemicals that would cause death or other diseases.

Shark cartilage is a white or brown powder that is taken from the shark's back. Shark cartilage is an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus, complex carbohydrates. Ingredient: Shark cartilage. Capsule: Bovine gelatin. May contain fish, crustaceans and derived products.

Nutritional composition :
Per 3 capsules 
% des VNR* Per 3 capsules
Shark cartilage including
900 mg
Collagen proteins 
180 mg
45 mg
Chondroïtine sulfate 36 mg -
Glucosamine sulfate
22,5 mg -
Calcium 180 mg 22,5 %
Phosphore 90 mg 12,9 %
* Nutritional Reference Values

Net weight: 93.75 g
Not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women and people with allergies or intolerances to seafood.       
Food supplements should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle and not as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Keep the product out of the reach of young children. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Store away from light, heat and moisture.