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Good stress, as the name implies, is often a driving force in everyday life, but when it takes over, you feel so anxious that you paralyze, when it disturbs your sleep, it's high time to react, find a way to annihilate your worries and return to a calmer and more restful existence. Plantavie has developed for you for a few years two natural food supplements "Relaxation" and "Nuit Paisible" composed of medicinal plants very appreciated for their relaxing and restorative sleep, through B6 marine magnesium cures, sufficiently dosed for regain some calm and a better nervous balance. Our food supplements contain Linden (Tilia vulgaris). The lime tree is known for its soothing effects. It reduces stress and improves anxiety states. There is also Melissa (Melissa officinalis), for treatment of restless disorders such as stress, anxiety, anxieties etc; but also lavender, orange blossom, vitamins B3 B5 B6 to maintain a good sleep or treat insomnia. Research suggests that there are links between certain deficiencies of vitamins of group B and depressive states. It is among others, the case of vitamin B6 that we associate voluntarily with marine magnesium.
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Relaxation - Stress and anxiety
10.99 EUR  15.93 EUR

Overcoming Stress relaxation with our product
PRESENTATION: Box of 60 capsules Net Weight: 26.60 grams

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 3 capsules per day with a full glass of water.

PURPOSE: States of high activity - Overwork - relaxation, stress

Dietary supplements: Magnesium marine 50% 150 mg / Capsule shell: Gelatin 75 mg / lime powder 50 mg / Melissa powder 50 mg / 50 mg Essangel Aroma Basil, Oregano, Lemon. (Essential Oils 2.5% on an inulin support)

Peaceful nights - Sleeping disorders
9.95 EUR  13.50 EUR


Insomnia, Sleep Disorders, Sleep deprivation = QUIET NIGHT
A survey indicates that three French lack of sleep and that this fatigue is often linked to insomnia, while a simple and natural solution exists with our food supplements.

supplements: Melissa, Lavender, Orange Blossom, marine magnesium titrated to 50% (process Tournay)
Vitamin B, B5, B6.

TO USE: 3 capsules daily Box of 60 capsules

Marine magnesium - B6
14.99 EUR  17.93 EUR
Presentation: Box of 120 capsules Magnesium Marin B6 and not sweetened
300 mg 2 capsules daily.

- French made
- No GMO,
- No dyes,
- No preservatives,
- No salts,
- No sugars.
- No allergens.

It has been shown that daily consumption of magnesium is insufficient, so that it would be the source of various problems with negative effects on our bodies. The association of marine magnesium and vitamin B6, are the ideal and appropriate complex to improve physical and emotional equilibrium, which will reduce among other harmful effects of stress and lack of sleep.

Directions: Take one tablet a day.
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