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Digestive problems and poor intestinal transit are some of the most common ailments of our time. The hectic life, the diet that is often linked to it, accentuate disturbances such as constipation, acid reflux, diarrhea or more generally poor digestion. Although some digestive disorders require a visit to the doctor, dietary supplements Transit, Digestion, Charcoal Vegetable, Turmeric, by their natural compositions are very appreciated by our many customers. Digestion is a serious step in the transformation of food. When embarrassed, this has undesirable consequences. To solve this problem, there are natural dietary supplements that facilitate digestion and promote elimination. In order for digestion and transit to be homogeneous, it is desirable to avoid certain foods that make these processes more difficult. Sometimes the food taken too quickly and the excess of pastries are also the cause of constipation and bad transit and are not recommended.
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Fiber - Intestinal transit
13.45 EUR  16.01 EUR
LAXATION (belly) bloated, uncomfortable, you disturb your transit existence. Finally find your wellbeing through our digestive food supplement.
Composition: Coal plant, Rhubarb (root), Coriande seed, pineapple stem, Tamarind pulp, fructo oligo saccharide

USE: As needed, up to 4 capsules per day spread throughout the day.

Presentation: Box of 60 capsules
Actual net weight: 16.00 g Weight
Temporarily out

Digestion - Digestive disorders
8.42 EUR  13.50 EUR
Digestive problems
INDICATIONS: Aids digestion and assimilation.

Turmeric 77.31 mg
Green clay 70.3 mg
Rosemary (leaf) 56.2 mg
Papaya (fruit) 56.2 mg
vitamins B5
Capsule shell: Gelatin 75 mg

USE: 3 capsules spread throughout the day

Presentation: Box of 60 capsules
Actual net weight: 22.8 g
Net weight less than 8%: 20.98 g

Activated vegetable charcoal
10.88 EUR  12.50 EUR
Presentation: Box of 60 capsules of Activated vegetable charcoal, 4 capsules will bring you 1200 mg of Charcoal activated vegetable.

* Plantavie activated charcoal does not contain GMOs.
* Activated vegetable charcoal from Plantavie is manufactured in France.

Our activated vegetable charcoal is a high-quality food supplement, making services exceptional. Plantavie activated plant carbon is produced by the combustion of some coconut shells at elevated temperatures (800 to 1000 ° C) with low oxygen content. This combustion process maintains the porosity of these materials which are capable of selectively collecting gases in the body, liquids or toxic impurities inside the body.

Directions for use: 4 capsules with a glass of water at least 30 minutes before meals.

14.96 EUR  42.00 EUR
Presentation: Box of 120 capsules, turmeric
Turmeric Plantavie is the subject of a quality and rigorous concentration, it contains 95% curcumanoide. 2 capsules will bring you 600mg, ideal for many disorders: Joint pain, regulation of blood sugar, various age-related disorders, improves digestion, detoxifies the liver, helps for the diet, cholesterol, strengthens the immune system ...

Directions for use: 2 capsules, spread throughout the day.
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