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Vitamins - Trace elements

The vitamins commonly found in many foods are needed by our body in small amounts. Vitamins and minerals are micronutrients that serve a specific and indispensable purpose for our body. For information, vitamin A supports the vision and growth of our skeleton while vitamin E strengthens the immune system. The body can not produce enough to ensure its proper functioning, so food intake is very important. Discover their roles, daily needs and the best dietary intake for each vitamin. Certain phases of life, certain activities will ask our body for special resources. And the need for vitamins is then often amplified! Intense work, concentration, weakening following an affection, old age, sport ... All these periods thus expose to particular deficiencies. Choose from our website the most suitable vitamins and minerals. You will find in our range the five main food supplements that are the unanimity of our customers (Ginseng, Omega 3, Multivitamins, Tonus, Royal Jelly, Propolis, Spirulina, Maca of Peru, Acerola 1000, Yeast Red Rice)
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Red ginseng
12.56 EUR  14.30 EUR

GINSENG: Find a cure smile with Ginseng
Weight Capsule 450mg
GINSENG: Find a cure smile with Ginseng
Weight Capsule 450mg

Presentation of ginseng: Box of 60 capsules actual net weight: 27g Net weight 8%: 24.84g

Directions for use of ginseng:
3 capsules per day.
Nutritional intake of our food supplements: 3 capsules bring 1125.00 mg Ginseng.

Omega 3 - HDL control
6.99 EUR  12.50 EUR

Omega 3 capsules

Cholesterol / HDL / Heart

INDICATIONS: Cholesterol Reduction / Wellness Heart

Presentation: Box of 60 capsules

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 4 capsules per day for 3 months, repeat

INGREDIENTS: Oil oily fish 500 mg
Grading 63% Omega 3 33% EPA 22% DHA.

Multivitamins - Trace elements
13.50 EUR  15.50 EUR

Vitamins play a vital role in the body. They are involved in many biochemical and biological reactions, help fight against infections by strengthening the body.

3 capsules provide: Calcium: 78 mg Magnesium: 30 mg Iron: 14 mg Zinc 15 mg Manganese: 1.4 mg Copper: 1.6 mg Vitamin A: Vitamin D 800 microg: 5 microg Vitamin E: 20 mg Vitamin C 60 mg Vitamin B1 : 2.0 mg Vitamin B2 2.0 mg Vitamin B5: 12 mg Vitamin B6: 2.0 mg Vitamin B9: 200 microg Vitamin B12: 2 microg
Lack of dietary supplement vitamin Plantavie helps strengthen the body's defenses

Presentation: Box of 90 capsules

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 3 capsules per day.

Tone - Intense tiredness
12.98 EUR  13.99 EUR

Severe fatigue is not a fatality, find your tone with our food supplements, set your problems chronic fatigue with a natural product.

TONE AND VITALITY anti fatigue-asthenia, Coup pump
Kola nut (fruit) 100 mg
Ginger (root) 50 mg
Pollen micronized 50 mg
Acerola (fruit) 50 mg
Panax ginseng CA Meyer (root) 20 mg
Food additives: anti caking agents:
magnesium stearate, colloidal silica

Capsule shell: Gélatine75 mg

Presentation: Box of 60 capsules
Actual net weight: 24.15 g

USE: 2 capsules spread throughout the day.

Royal jelly
12.60 EUR  15.50 EUR
Royal jelly: Boost your natural defenses with true royal jelly tested and proven superior.

Royal jelly is recommended during periods of severe fatigue, to invigorate. Royal jelly restores physical and intellectual abilities. It strengthens your body and increase your endurance in the face of exhaustion.

100% Royal Jelly 30 Gr

Presentation: Pot 30 Gr
With measuring scoop

USE: It is recommended to take 1 measuring spoon (1 gram) in the morning on an empty stomach and let it melt under the tongue. After opening the container, refrigerate, up to one month.
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14.98 EUR  26.00 EUR
2 gélules réparties dans la journée apporte 680 mg
Box containing 120 capsules
Real 2 capsules Net weight : 680 mg
Directions: 2 capsules spread throughout the day

Our capsules contain: Pure propolis French manufacture of capsules, two capsules titrated to 60% propolis ( 200mg), Maltodextrin ( 300mg), magnesium stearate ( 30 mg ) , white capsule shell gelatin ( 150mg) . Propolis Plantavie helps to improve the natural defenses and to fight against bacterial and viral attack, a stronger immune system and its natural antibiotic properties. Fight against worries respiratory function through its anti-inflammatory effects.
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19.99 EUR  35.99 EUR
Présentation: Box of 250 tablets of spirulina real neat quality and concentrated to 1500mg for 3 tablets.
Plantavie spirulina tablets are among the most sought after dietary supplements with high biological value protein and with a surprising variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This unicellular alga containing many benefits for the body, is one of the nutrients that consume many ancient peoples for their nutritional value to supplement their diet and also to prevent and treat certain conditions.

Directions: 3 tablets spread throughout the day, represents an inexhaustible source of energy to face the day.
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Maca from Peru
12.50 EUR  20.50 EUR
Presentation: Box of 120 capsules of genuine Maca concentrated to 1500 mg for 6 capsules.

* French made
* Without dyes
* No preservatives
* Without salt
* Without sugar
* No allergens

The Maca Plantavie is prized for its high purity and concentration of active ingredient. This native plant of Peru has roots in toning that's incredibly physical performance, mental and sexual (stimulates the libido). Maca also helps fight counters the inconvenience associated with menopause. Maca is suitable for men as for women

Directions: 6 capsules spread throughout the day

Acerola 1000
13.80 EUR  18.40 EUR
Presentation: Box of 120 capsules of acetera 1000 mg Day or 4 capsules distributed.
Acerola or "Caribbean cherry" is one of the fruits that can combine many benefits, it can be more powerful than you can imagine. For decades acerola is harvested and used to treat a number of concerns such as diarrhea or inflammation of the intestines. However, acerola is best known as a replacement supplement to relieve the symptoms due to a febrile condition, mainly because of its high vitamin C content with all the benefits this entails.

Directions: Take 4 capsules spread over the day bring 1000 mg of acerola
-No GMO,
-No dyes
-No preservatives
-No salts
-No sugar
-No allergens

Marine magnesium - B6
14.99 EUR  17.93 EUR
Presentation: Box of 120 capsules Magnesium Marin B6 and not sweetened
300 mg 2 capsules daily.

- French made
- No GMO,
- No dyes,
- No preservatives,
- No salts,
- No sugars.
- No allergens.

It has been shown that daily consumption of magnesium is insufficient, so that it would be the source of various problems with negative effects on our bodies. The association of marine magnesium and vitamin B6, are the ideal and appropriate complex to improve physical and emotional equilibrium, which will reduce among other harmful effects of stress and lack of sleep.

Directions: Take one tablet a day.
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Red rice yeast - Q10
19.98 EUR  25.50 EUR
Presentation: Box of 120 red rice yeast capsules and Q10, 2 capsules per day will bring you 618.80 mg.
Used for centuries in Chinese cooking, purpureus monascus mushroom from red rice is a substance that contributes to the reduction of plasma cholesterol. To learn more about their health benefits, according to several serious studies, the dietary supplement, red yeast and Q10 contain a large number of beneficial fatty acids, which can decrease the amount of triglycerides found in your body.
Directions for use: 3 capsules of pure red yeast rice Q10, spread throughout the day, ideal for cholesterol and triglycerides.
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